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Peter Terrin – The Event

Peter Terrin – The Event

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About the book

Juliette is a single, middle-aged woman, the faithful personal assistant of Willem, an elderly writer who has lost his eyesight and dictates his novels to her. He achieves his greatest literary successes at the very end of his career. When Willem passes away, his young wife Femke challenges his will, which stipulates that Juliette is not only to receive his fabled collection of first editions, but also a memory stick which likely contains the revealing writings he dictated at the end of his life.

The Event is a playful and richly layered book, with subtly interwoven stories that read like chapters from the final novel that Juliette and her beloved Willem were writing together —separated by death, but united in their prose.

Praise for The Event:

He impresses with the precision of his sentences, reminiscent of James Salter, the American master stylist. - De Tijd

The Event is not only a paean to love, but also a paean to literature itself. - Humo


Peter Terrin (b. 1968) is an author and photographer. He won the prestigious AKO Literature Prize in 2012 for his novel Post Mortem. Both The Guard (2009) and Monte Carlo (2014) were shortlisted for the Libris Literature Prize. In 2016 he published Yucca, which was shortlisted for the ECI Literature Prize. All the Blue (2021) was highly acclaimed and awarded the Confituur Bookseller Prize 2022. Peter Terrin’s work has been translated into numerous languages, including English, French, German and Japanese.

Additional book information

  • Novel
  • ISBN 9789403181813
  • Number of pages: 224
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €23,99
  • English sample available