Nieuws / Nieuwe roman Khaled Hosseini lovend ontvangen in de VS


Nieuwe roman Khaled Hosseini lovend ontvangen in de VS

En uit de bergen kwam de echo, de nieuwe roman van Khaled Hosseini, ligt nu in de boekhandels.

De eerste recensies zijn verschenen in Amerika en Engeland en spreken lovend over het nieuwe boek:

‘And the Mountains Echoed may have the most awkward title in his body of work, but it’s his most assured and emotionally gripping story yet, more fluent and ambitious than The Kite Runner, more narratively complex than A Thousand Splendid Suns’. – Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

‘A story of love, separation, friendship, compassion, exile, memory and the troubled history of Afghanistan. Hosseini is a master story-teller and his characters brim with life.’ – The Times

‘It’s hard to do justice to a novel this rich in a short review. There are a dozen things I still want to say – about the rhyming pairs of characters, the echoing situations, the varied takes on honesty, loneliness, beauty and poverty, the transformation of emotions into physical ailments. Instead, I’ll just add this: send Hosseini up the bestseller list again.’ – The Washington Post

‘The beautiful writing, full of universal truths of loss and identity, makes each section a jewel… Hosseini’s eye for detail and emotional geography makes this a haunting read.’ – Publishers Weekly

‘Hosseini’s evocative tales don’t just capture hearts, they break them’ – Glamour

And the Mountains Echoed opens like a thunderclap… [Hosseini] asks good, hard questions about the limits of love… Love, Hosseini seems to say, is the great leveler, cutting through language, class, and identity. No one in this gripping novel is immune to its impact.’ – O, the Oprah Magazine

‘Like a sculptor working in a soft medium, [Hosseini] gently molds and shapes individual pieces that ultimately fit together in a major work… Family matters in ways small and large in this novel. Whether or not the connections are visible, they exist nevertheless. Hosseini seems to be telling us that the way we care is who we are and, ultimately, the face we show to life.’ – New York Daily News

“With his third and most ambitious novel yet, Hosseini makes it clear that he’s not ready to rest on his Big Name… While it hits all the Hosseini sweet spots – nostalgia, devastating details, triumph over the odds – And the Mountains Echoed covers more ground, both geographically and emotionally, than his previous works. It’s not until Hosseini makes the novel small again, for the poignant conclusion, that you fully appreciate what he’s accomplished.” – Entertainment Weekly

“Transports you whole into the otherworldly realms Hosseini builds in Kabul, Paris, San Francisco, and the Greek islands… There’s something primary and beautiful about the simple desire to get lost in a story, and Hosseini is an expert manufacturer of that experience.” – Harper’s Bazaar

“Readers’ tears may fall by first chapter’s end… Introspective and perfectly paced, Hosseini’s microcosmic plot spares no expense with sensory details. Each character… captivates. Hosseini skillfully weaves the tapestry with universal elements: human fallibility, innate goodness, perseverance, forgiveness, sexuality, jealousy, companionship, and joy. Yet his words are never sugarcoated: The brutality of life is on display, and people are shown just as they are, for better or worse. Poverty and gender roles leave scars, while shifting points of view reveal Hosseini’s prism of truth. The heartbreaks are not intended for shock value, but they do linger. And the Mountains Echoed resonates to the core.” – Austin Chronicle

“Like [Hosseini’s] previous books, the new novel is a complex mosaic, a portrait of the Afghan diaspora as it is folded into the West and of those left behind… The book is elevated by a strong sense of parable and some finely drawn characters and is inventively constructed as it leaps from voice to voice.” – Esquire

“Devoted readers will find it worth the wait.” – Patriot Ledger

“Hosseini returns with an instantly relatable novel that follows generations of a troubled family across the Middle East.” – Marie Claire

“Captivating and affecting… A masterful and compassionate storyteller, Hosseini traces the traumas and scarring of tyranny, war, crime, lies, and illness in the intricately interconnected, heartbreaking, and transcendent lives of his vibrantly realized characters to create a grand and encompassing tree of life.” – Booklist (starred review)

“Hosseini weaves a gorgeous tapestry of disparate characters joined by threads of blood and fate… In this uplifting and deeply satisfying book, Hosseini displays an optimism not so obvious in his previous works. Readers will be clamoring for it.” – Library Journal (starred review)

“In And the Mountains Echoed, Khaled Hosseini presents a multitude of windows into the souls affected by these events. The novel’s rich kaleidoscope of images coalesces around one theme: the powerful and often excruciating legacy of family ties within the maelstrom of history.” –Shelf Awareness

“Fiction Top Pick… Engrossing… Ultimately, And the Mountains Echoed is about the human endeavor to transcend difference.” – Bookpage

Meer over de auteur

Khaled Hosseini

Khaled Hosseini is een van de meest geliefde auteurs ter wereld. Van zijn debuutroman De vliegeraar werden in Nederland en Vlaanderen 1,5 miljoen exemplaren verkocht en ook Duizend schitterende zonnen werd een grote bestseller. In 2013 verscheen Hosseini’s grootse, nieuwe roman En uit de bergen kwam de echo. Hij is ambassadeur voor de United Nations...

Khaled Hosseini

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