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André Klukhuhn

André Klukhuhn

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André Klukhuhn (b. 1940) is a chemist and a philosopher. In 2003 his major work The history of Thought was published, of which a fully revised edition appeared in 2013. In 2008 he published All People are called Janus. 


Recent title – English material 

Licht (Light), 2016

Press on Light:

Klukhuhn’s approach enables him to look at familiar material from a new perspective, so that it comes across to us as completely fresh. The book conveys an important insight: looking at the world from a different perspective can literally change it. – Filosofie Magazine

Quote from the book:

'In fact with the invention of optical instruments, there and then, in the most "enlightened" part of Europe, eyes were opened and the source struck from which all our current knowledge about multidimensional time-space has sprung, from the big bang and black holes to elementary particles, nanatechnology and superstrings.'