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Bart Chabot – Pulse

Bart Chabot – Pulse

About the book

Not long after leaving his parents’ house to study Dutch Literature in Leiden, Bart Chabot meets pop musician Herman Brood. They have an immediate affinity to each other, and their meeting will turn out to be the beginning of a life-long friendship. Brood instantly recognises young Chabot’s uniqueness and talent, and takes him along in the rhythm of rock ‘n roll. And soon there are others too, including the poet Jules Deelder and the author Martin Bril, with whom Chabot will form life-long friendships as well.

During this period, Chabot’s mother and father live in Vancouver, where they have been stationed by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, not quite far enough away to avoid new confrontations with their son. It will take another few years before the break is definitive, and by then the son will have become a father himself.


‘A heart-wrenchingly beautiful autobiographical novel about Chabot’s painful youth.’ – VOLKSKRANT MAGAZINE

‘Chabot may have, as he puts it, died a few times during his youth, but that didn’t break him. His humour, his empathy and his sense of wonder about the world around him have proudly survived. Chabot has turned it all into a splendid, poetic novel with hints of magical realism. With gentleness and even a loving gaze, he sketches his childhood and his difficult relationship with his parents that will never, not even as an adult, get better.’ ****1/2 – TELEGRAAF

Bart Chabot (b. 1954) started his career as a poet in 1980 with Popcorn. He later garnered praise for his four-part biography of the Dutch musician Herman Brood. In 2008 he was awarded the Johnny van Doorn Prize for spoken letters. In 2011 he published Deeper Layers, a personal account of his cerebellar pontine angle tumour, followed by his debut novel Triggerhappy in 2013 and the novel Easy Street in 2016. Chabot broke through to a broad audience in 2020 with his novel My Father’s Hand.

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Additional book information

  • Novel
  • ISBN 9789403120713
  • Number of pages: 432
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €24,99