Bart-Jan Kazemier / Bart-Jan Kazemier – Drone

Bart-Jan Kazemier – Drone

Bart-Jan Kazemier – Drone

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  • Penguin Verlag (Germany)


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About the book:

Young, ambitious Minister of Defence Ava Rodenburg has he back to the wall. Parliament has unexpectedly decided not to support the purchase of a new type of drone. What few people know is that the contracts with the American armaments manufacturer, worth billions, were signed quite some time ago. The deal must go through or financial sanctions will result that might well topple the government. Ava does all she can to convince the leader of the largest opposition party. Former soldier Eliot Kohler is approached by Miriam Veltman, the sister of one of his deceased fellow combatants. She has a hard drive with extremely sensitive data on it and she needs Eliot’s help. She never gets the chance to hand over the material; she meets with an accident on the way. For Eliot this marks the start of a search for data that, he suspects, will help him to straighten out a terrible event in his past. But military intelligence is also on the trail of Miriam’s harddrive. The quest takes Eliot to Afghanistan, pursued by military intelligence. Eliot has become an enemy of the state.

Drone is a real pageturner with thrilling action, sound characterization and conspiracy theories that turn out to be less bad than the truth. ***** – De Telegraaf

A thriller that has what it takes to become one of the best of 2016: action, excitement, espionage, intrigue, and all of it in an excellent plot with well-explored characters. With Drone Kazemier has at a stroke made a place for himself among the Netherlands’ best thriller authors. ***** – De Thriller


Bart-Jan Kazemier (b. 1979)  graduated in linguistics at the University of Groningen and works as a lecturer in Dutch in international education. He is the author of the enthusiastically received thriller The Man in the Middle.

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Additional book information

  • Thriller
  • ISBN 9789023490999
  • Number of pages: 336
  • World rights: Cargo
  • Price: € 19,90
  • English sample translation available