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Bart Van Loo – The Burgundians

Bart Van Loo – The Burgundians

Rights sold

  • Head of Zeus (World English)
  • China Renmin University Press (China)
  • Flammarion (France)
  • C.H. Beck (Germany)
  • Mondadori (Italy)
  • Znak (Poland)
  • Karpos Books (Serbia)
  • Marco Polo (South-Korea)
  • Ediciones Siruela (Spain)

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About the book

Bart Van Loo takes the reader on a journey through a thousand years of European history, calling at cities including Dijon, Paris, Lille, Ghent, Bruges and Delft, up to the time when the Seventeen Provinces arose and the Burgundian Empire came to an end. He is unmatched in his ability to bring the powerfully evocative middle ages to life. His quest takes him to the emergence of the Dutch nation in the fifteenth century, and it turns out that the Low Countries were a Burgundian invention. The Burgundians is a whirlwind of a cultural history, an astonishing account of emerging  cities, awakening individual-ism and dying knightly ideals, of schizophrenic kings, bold dukes and brilliant artists. While the Burgundian dukes forged the fragmented Low Countries into a unified whole through battles, marriages and reforms, they spurred artists like Klaas Sluter, Jan van Eyck and Rogier van der Weyden to produce unforgettable works. Along the way, Bart Van Loo’s equally thrilling and educational exploration of the middle ages develops into an impressive cultural history.

Praise for The Burgundians:

Bart Van Loo is in top form. The Burgundians is impossible to put down and hits like a sledgehammer. A masterpiece.
- de Morgen

Bart Van Loo is back and proves once again that he is a born storyteller. He is the perfect guide through history. It’s as if we’re there.
- de Standaard

Documented down to the details, but with an eye for anecdotes and humour, the author guides you through about 1000 years of our history. (…) The Burgundians is publicity for everything having to do with history, the storyteller’s pleasure drips from this book that much.
***** Het Nieuwsblad

It’s original, extraordinarily readable and historically sound.
- Herman Pleij, emeritus professor of Medieval Dutch literature, University of Amsterdam

Van Loo successfully sets the fascinating late middle ages in the limelight. (…) In doing so he brings their world joyously to life – so much so, that this book (though the year is still young) presents a cast-iron candidate for best history book of 2019. - de Telegraaf

Knowledgeable in his use of the most recent literature, but also nimble and told with panache. A proof of extraordinary mastery.
- Frits van Oostrom, University Professor for the Humanities at Utrecht University

Both compelling and historically accurate.
- Prof. Dr. Wim Blockmans


Bart Van Loo (b. 1973) has developed over recent years into a rare double talent as a writer and entertainer. Though he became known to a broad public through his mini-lectures in the television programme DWDD (a million viewers), Bart Van Loo is first and foremost a born writer and the author of the universally praised France Trilogy (2011), Chanson (2011) and the bestseller Napoleon (2014).

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Additional book information

  • History
  • ISBN 9789403139005
  • Number of pages: 607
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: € 39,99
  • Full English, German and French translations available