Boris O. Dittrich / Boris O. Dittrich – Capital Offence

Boris O. Dittrich – Capital Offence

Boris O. Dittrich – Capital Offence

About the book

Dittrich excels with this modern Amsterdam detective novel, based on real events
In front of a jeweller’s in the fashionable P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam, the police arrest a tramp on suspicion of theft. He resists fiercely and one of the police officers uses a choke hold, as a result of which the man falls into a coma. Detective Maya Oliphant interrogates the police. Their account contrasts markedly with a video that turns up on the internet.


When the tramp is murdered in his hospital bed, Maya suddenly finds herself in charge of a murder investigation. Under great pressure, she tries to determine the tramp’s identity, a search that takes her back thirty years to a time when the man was an important judge in Alkmaar and issued several extremely controversial verdicts. He then disappeared without trace. Was the murderer seeking revenge for a supposed injustice done to him thirty years before?

Press on previous work:

An intense and interesting book with well-developed characters and fascinating storylines that continually keeps the reader enthralled. **** - HEBBAN

Dittrich is following in the footsteps of great writers. - DE VOLKSKRANT

Topical, urgent, thrilling. Qualified as Book of the Month - ZIN

A fine plot and wonderful characters make 'W.O.L.F.' a delicious thriller. **** ALGEMEEN DAGBLAD


Boris O. Dittrich (b. 1955) worked as a lawyer in Amsterdam and as a judge in Alkmaar. He was for many years a member of parliament and leader of the political party D66. Since 2007 he has worked for Human Rights Watch, first in New York and since 2013 in Berlin. He is the author of the thrillers Murder and Fire, Lying the Truth, and W.O.L.F., all of which met with an enthusiastic reception.

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Additional book information

  • Thriller
  • ISBN 9789023482000
  • Number of pages: 352
  • World rights: Cargo
  • Price: € 19,99