Coen Simon / Coen Simon – Plea Against Enthusiasm

Coen Simon – Plea Against Enthusiasm

Coen Simon – Plea Against Enthusiasm

About the book

‘We’re not pessimists. No way. No fucking way.’ No matter how passionately we might argue for a better world, we cannot deny that, besides enthusiasm, a feeling of helplessness reigns. For the first time in history, nihilism has taken hold. Anyone can believe anything without falling through the cracks. Because no matter what you are, be it an antivaxxer, climate-denier, Marxist or neoliberal, you will always have enough followers in your bubble. Today it’s not truth, but enthusiasm that persuades. ‘People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it,’ is the motto of a TED Talk with more than 46 million views. And that is how it is: rather than by facts, we’d rather be convinced by ideas worth spreading.

Coen Simons warns against the consequences of an enthusiasm that dispenses so easily with facts. Because while enthusiasm goes viral, the truth lies somewhere in the middle – between gluten-free rubbish and fact-free bullshit.

Press on previous work:

‘Stimulating essays from an original thinker’ – DE GROENE AMSTERDAMMER

‘Coen Simon is a careful observer and writes evocatively. His writing flows effortlessly from literary storytelling to rational analysis, and back again.’ – DE VOLKSKRANT

‘Philosophising about the big questions of our time in a way that’s both accessible and inspiring is an art that few understand. Coen Simons is more than trusted to do it.’ – DE CORRESPONDENT

Coen Simon  (b. 1972) is a philosopher and the founder of a philosophical thinktank. In his essays in NRC Handelsblad, Trouw and De Correspondent, he refutes contemporary dogmas and clichés. Previous works include Why We Seek but Never Find Ourselves and Doing Philosophy is Easier Than You Think. In 2012 Simon won the Socrates Cup with his book And Then We Knew Everything. In 2013 he wrote the essay Guilt for the national Month of Philosophy.

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Additional book information

  • Philosophy
  • ISBN 9789403184203
  • Number of pages: 92
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €11,99