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Dagmar van der Neut

Dagmar van der Neut

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Dagmar van der Neut studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam. She is an editor at Psychologie Magazine and a journalist writing for publications including popular science monthly Quest. She writes about animal behaviour, evolution, personal growth, relationships and brain research. Het beest in ons (The Beast In Us, 2014) is her first book and has been published by Kiepenheuer & Witsch in Germany.

Press on The Beast in Us:

Dagmar van der Neut describes interesting theories about, for example, the relative unimportance of men, homosexuality, the origins of love and why one species is created big and another small. She does it all in a sober and often witty style, with plenty of examples from the animal kingdom. – Kijk ****

Dagmar van der Neut’s book is full of fun anecdotes, silly comparisons and extraordinary ways of making love. And it’s informative too […] a treat! Relaxing, without doubt, and it will raise a chuckle. –