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Flip van Doorn & Jonah Kahn

Flip van Doorn & Jonah Kahn

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Flip van Doorn (b. 1967) has previously published The First Hiker and A Fictive Kingdom at Thomas Rap. Jonah Kahn (b. 1971) works as a copy editor at the daily newspaper Trouw. The authors are members of the Trouw-bound Dutch Association for the Promotion and Dissemination of Useless Knowledge.


Recent title – English material available:

Hoeveel poten heeft een octopus? – (How Many Tentacles Does An Octopus Have?), 2019

‘Flip van Doorn and Jonah Kahn have turned the collection of useless facts into an art form.’ AD Magazine

‘The question of whether useless knowledge has any use leads sooner or later to the question of whether knowledge has any use at all. Those who aren’t careful will then quickly land at the essence of life. It’s then wiser to read a colorful catalogue of useless knowledge, which is relaxing and might even conjure a smile on your lips. In these stressed out times that itself is already useful.’ Trouw Letter & Geest