Gerard Janssen / Gerard Janssen – Hackers: The Freedom Fighters of the Internet

Gerard Janssen – Hackers: The Freedom Fighters of the Internet

Gerard Janssen – Hackers: The Freedom Fighters of the Internet



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  • Foksal (Poland)

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About the book

Sooner or later, a hacker shows up in almost every Netflix series. Then, a series of numbers and letters flash across the screen before voilà – the secret code for turning off the security cameras appears. But what do hackers actually do? And, how do they do it?

Journalist Gerard Janssen discovered that they do not share their secrets with just anyone. But if you want to learn the art of hacking yourself, hackers are always willing to help. Janssen penetrated the hackers’ closed universe and discovered a rich subculture, a close-knit activist community with a common aim: to maintain an open, free and secure Internet. Hackers is an intriguing and exciting book – about female hackers, the vulnerability of election results, and how three Dutch hackers managed to hijack Trump’s Twitter account.

Excerpt from Hackers:

In summer 2021 Dutch hackers found a vulnerability in software belonging to Kaseya, a business that makes tools for system managers working remotely. An enormous number of companies could be attacked through this vulnerability, from banks to transport companies and shop chains. The vulnerability was almost solved when Russian hackers also received wind of it. The result was a race between Dutch hackers and Russian criminals.

Press on Hackers:

Hackers delves deeply into the world of international hackers. In his book, Janssen makes a convincing argument for the world's need for ethical hackers. A fascinating and very accessible book. - NRC Handelsblad

Hackers is a probing and evocative portrait of the bizarre world of the warriors of the Internet.
- Financieel Dagblad


GERARD JANSSEN (b. 1967) studied Applied Physics in Delft. He writes for Vrij Nederland and Uitgeverij Snor and is one half of the Easy Alohas, a Dutch DJ duo. He is researching the world of hackers with support from the Dutch Fund for Special Journalistic Projects.

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Additional book information

  • Non-fiction
  • ISBN 9789400408371
  • Number of pages: 302
  • World rights: Thomas Rap
  • Price: €22,99
  • English synopsis and sample available