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Hans Schnitzler

Hans Schnitzler

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Hans Schnitzler (b. 1968) is a philosopher, commentator and former columnist for de Volkskrant. His essays and opinion pieces have appeared in publications including NRC Handelsblad,, Trouw, De Standaard, De Morgen and Hard Gras. He writes columns for the journalistic platform Follow The Money and teaches at the Bildung Academie. 2015 saw the publication of his work The Digital Proletariat.


Recent title – English material

Wij nihilisten (We Nihilists), 2021

Kleine filosofie van de digitale onthouding (A Little Philosophy of Digital Abstinence), 2016

Press on The Digital Proleteriat:

This is an alarming book about the fate of humanity in a world where digital technology and ‘the net’ have
fundamentally altered our existence. Schnitzler successfully articulates the potential drawbacks in an erudite,
intelligent, enthralling and eloquent manner. - AD VERBRUGGE, PHILOSOPHER

Schnitzler is a born philosopher, as can clearly be seen from his Marxist-tinted analysis of the consequences of the digital revolution. With great clarity he cites many philosophers of today and yesterday, such as Marcuse, Kant, Marx and Sloterdijk. **** - NRC HANDELSBLAD