Irwan Droog / Irwan Droog – The House at the End

Irwan Droog – The House at the End

Irwan Droog – The House at the End

About the book

Irwan Droog did what most people only dream of: he left the hustle and bustle of a Dutch city to live with his girlfriend and dog on a tiny, remote island in Norway.

Surrounded by flocks of migratory birds and stray sheep, he watches the seasons come and go, observing the northern lights to the midnight sun. In his spare time, he delves into the history of the island and its residents. He meets the fisherman Jim, who loves nothing more than going out to sea every day; Eivind, who takes care of the eider ducks every spring; and Heidi, who found love on the island and never wants to leave.

Excerpt from The House at the End:

'I am standing on the porch at the back of the house, looking across a white landscape. It's a snow-covered field, a hundred meters deep, with the modest hills’ jagged rocky peaks at the end. To the left lies the coastline, a couple of meters of smooth, steep rocks covered in seaweed, and then the sea. On the horizon, tens of kilometres away, the Norwegian coast stands out, mountain after mountain after mountain. At sunrise, a different light seems to shine on every layer; the white mountaintops glow yellow, bright orange and red; the sky above is clear, a cloudless pink, lilac, and blue. Most impressive is the slight bulge lying like a thick head of foam above the distant landscape, partly obscured by the mountains: I am looking at Svartisen – 'black ice' – Norway's second-largest glacier. The newly-built houses in my Amsterdam backyard suddenly seem very far away. I lean against the railing, breathe the cool Norwegian sea air, and relax.'

Press on The House at the End:

While reading one feels like part of the island's community. The stories and beautiful photographs conjure dreams of a new life far from home.
**** NRC Handelsblad


IRWAN DROOG (b. 1984) studied Literary Criticism and works as an editor, graphic designer and translator. He is the co-founder of the J.M.A. Biesheuvel Prize and has published in literary magazines, including Tirade.

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Additional book information

  • Travelogue
  • ISBN 9789400408173
  • Number of pages: 224
  • World rights: Thomas Rap
  • Price: €22,99