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Jan Drost

Jan Drost

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Jan Drost (b. 1975) is a writer and philosopher. He specializes in the philosophy of culture, and the philosophy of love in particular. He teaches at The School of Life Amsterdam and writes for, nrc Handelsblad, De Volkskrant and Filosofie Magazine. He is the author of Het romantisch misverstand (The Romantic Fallacy, 2011), now in its fourth printing. Denken helpt (Thinking Helps, 2015) Jan Drost investigates what can make us happy – or rather more modestly, less unhappy with the aid of thinkers including Aristotle, Epicurus, Seneca, Spinoza and Sartre. The book will be published in China and Korea.

Press on Thinking helps:

Thinking Helps is refreshing. After reading Drost’s book I felt a lot better than before.– Trouw

The Dutch Alain de Botton est arrivé. - Psychologie Magazine

Press on The Romantic Fallacy:

An illuminating, erudite yet hopeful book. With his clear-sighted view, Jan Drost does love a great service. **** de Telegraaf


  • Denken helpt (Thinking Helps), 2015
  • Het romantisch misverstand (The Romantic Fallacy), 2011