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Marcel Möring

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Marcel Möring (b. 1957)  is widely considered the leading Dutch author of the day. Publication of his first novel, Mendel’s erfenis (Mendel), was an instant success, winning the Geertjan Lubberhuizen Prize for Best Debut of 1990. His second novel, Het grote verlangen (The Great Longing), was a bestseller in 1992, and won the country’s most prestigious prize, the AKO. It was translated into many languages. Möring’s third book was the novella Bederf is de weg van alle vlees (Decay is the Way of All Flesh, 2008). In Babylon (1997) won two Golden Owl Prizes, an award for the best Dutch language book of 1998. His novel DIS (In a Dark Wood) was awarded the Bordewijk Prize for the best Dutch novel. Louteringsberg (Mountain of Purgation) was published in 2011. His new work Eden will be published in January 2017. Eden has been sold before publication to Luchterhand Verlag (Germany). Möring’s work has been widely translated all over the world.


Recent title – English material 

Familiewandeling (A Family Walk), 2021

Amen, 2019

Eden, 2017


Press on Eden:

Though his novels bear unmistakeable, post-modern markings in style, be it a graphic novel segment inserted between (in Dis), or sentences fashioned into the form of a tree (in Eden), while reading you maintain this picture in your head of a writer trekking across the pages, an actual, massive burlap sack slung over his shoulder containing just about the entire cultural history of Europe. – De Groene Amsterdammer

Moral, eclectic, compelling novel with a historic focus reaching back to the Middle Ages. – Trouw

Eden is the most stimulating on the most abstract level […] Everything has a function in Marcel Möring’s new book. – NRC Handelsblad

Eden is a […] rich tale of identity and a search for a home. **** – AD Magazine

It is a book full of puzzles, but compelling from the first page to the last. **** – Leidsch Dagblad

Press on In a Dark Wood:

Demanding and magnificent. - The Times

Compelling [...] Möring negotiates the Stygian gloom with a lightness of touch and remarkable imaginative energy. His restless, inventive narrative continually redefines itself - as social satire, cosmic tragedy, soft porn, metaphysical speculation. - The Guardian

A beguiling novel. - METRO

An eminently readable novel... Breathtakingly erudite, unashamedly modernist, earthy, ghoulish and lush at the same time, In a Dark Wood captures the reader to take him on a mesmerising trip. - The Bookbag


  • Familiewandeling (A Family Walk), 2021
  • Amen (Amen), 2019
  • Eden, 2017
  • Louteringsberg (Mountain of Purgation), 2011
  • Bederf is de weg van alle vlees (Decay is the Way of All Flesh), 2008
  • DIS (In a Dark Wood), 2006
  • In Babylon, 1997
  • Het grote verlangen (The Great Longing), 1992
  • Mendel, 1990