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Margriet de Moor

Margriet de Moor

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Margriet de Moor (b. 1941) made her debut in 1988 with the short story collection Seen from Behind. It was followed by successful novels including Eerst grijs, dan wit, dan blauw (First Grey, Then White, Then Blue), which won her the AKO Literature Prize in 1992, De virtuoos (The Virtuoso), Kreuzersonate (The Kreuzer Sonata), De verdronkene (The Storm), De schilder en het meisje (The Painter and the Girl) and Mélodie d’amour. Her work has been translated into twenty-four languages.


Recent title – English material

Meneer en mevrouw God (Mr. and Mrs. God), 2022

Slapeloze nacht (Sleepless Night), 2017

Van vogels en mensen (Of Birds and People), 2016



She writes lyrical prose, and her stories about life are quiet and full of beauty. – Marcel Reich-

Margriet de Moor sketches the philosophical ferment lightly but eff ectively, giving just the right amount of political and historical detail. – New York Times

Here a storyteller succeeds in bringing across the unsayable in a mild and melancholy fashion. – Die Zeit

An extremely rich novel on death, imagination and eternity. – NRC Handelsblad (The Painter and the Girl)

As Margriet de Moor tells us about the courtship rituals of her characters she sounds by turns controlled and demonic, natural and insane. Fascinating. – Die Welt (Mélodie d'Amour)

A sensuous story about people who try to get closer to one another, yet remain strangers. – NRC Handelsblad (Mélodie d'Amour)

De Moor describes all of these forms of love with grace and compassion, without explaining too much. The end result is a compelling story. – Algemeen Dagblad (Mélodie d'Amour)