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Tom Rooduijn

Tom Rooduijn

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TOM ROODUIJN is a journalist and programme maker. In 2019 he made the award-nominated documentary, The Shadow Play, for VPRO Radio, about the tragically brief life of Géza Weisz. After he completed this documentary, the journals of Fritz Rimathé came to light, and they subsequently became, together with the diary of Géza Weisz, the basis of the story of Amstel 278.


Recent title – English material

Amstel 278, 2022

Excerpt from Amstel 278:

Unknown to each other, Géza and Fritz kept detailed records of daily life during the war: the agitation inside and outside the house, the raids in the Jewish Quarter across the river, the persecution and deaths of friends, and the peril of being arrested themselves. These highly personal, complimentary diaries bring to life the Rimathés, the Weisz family, and their loved ones. Moreover, these intense reports make it possible to step into the past, at least to some degree.