Valentijn Hoogenkamp / Valentijn Hoogenkamp – Antiboy

Valentijn Hoogenkamp – Antiboy

Valentijn Hoogenkamp – Antiboy

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About the book

When, as a result of a genetic mutation, Antiboy discovers he has to undergo a mastectomy, he realizes: now I no longer have to live as a woman. This causes confusion on the part of his doctors, friends, family and partner. Has he always felt this longing? It provokes harsh confrontations with the past and with his loved ones, who are unable to let go of the person they thought they knew. Surrounded by loss and mourning, Antiboy goes in search of hope and the meaning of being oneself. Antiboy is a provocative and lyrical tale of loss and of finding freedom in transformation.

'To be honest, I had no words for it. There was an emptiness there, the feeling I was missing something others had. I didn't feel connected to my gender; it felt like something I put on every morning, not something that reinforced my identity.' – Interview in Volkskrant Magazine


Valentijn Hoogenkamp (b. 1986) debuted in 2021 to great critical acclaim with the novel Adoring Louis Claus, which will be published in 2023 by Atlantik/Campus Verlag in Germany. Furthermore he has written works of theatre and performed poetry at cultural festivals such as Lowlands, Parade and Oerol. His work has been awarded the El Hizjra Literature Prize, nominated for the ITs RO Theatre Award and selected for Women Playwrights International Stockholm and Interplay Europe Madrid.

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Additional book information

  • Autofiction
  • ISBN 9789403174914
  • Number of pages: 107
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €12,99
  • English sample available