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Wouter van Noort

Wouter van Noort

Wouter van Noort (b. 1985) is a journalist. He writes about technology and economics for the NRC Handelsblad, and has worked for Elsevier and The NOS. He is frequently asked to lecture as guest and speaker at, among other venues, the popular Dutch talk show De Wereld Draait Door and the Univeristy of Leiden. His debut title Is Anybody There? will be published in April.


Recent title – English material

Is daar iemand? (Is Anybody There?), 2017

Van Noort writes accessibly and offers, using astute examples, insight into questions like the power held by Facebook, which can manipulate user emotions via algorithms, and the importance of data, which prevents heart attacks, but could also make human decision-making redundant. – Elsevier

As unadulterated, striking as it is legitimate data-dystopian rumbling. –Hans Schnitzler, philosopher and author of The Digital Proletariat

A fun book, but also disconcerting (Artificial Intelligence) and confronting (addiction). –Robert Went, Scientific Council for the Dutch government policy

The bible for smartphone-addicts. –

A fascinating look into Silicon Valley’s addiction industry. – de Volkskrant

A must read. – Casper Meijer, host NOS tech podcast

Put your smartphone away this instant, and read this book. – Internet researcher Chris van 't Hof

Powerful book: confronting and frightening. –Roelof Hemmen, host BNR Nieuwsradio