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Annemarie de Gee

Annemarie de Gee

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ANNEMARIE DE GEE (b. 1987) debuted with her short-story collection Chamber People, which was acclaimed by Trouw as one of the best debuts of 2012. Her first novel, The Kiss of a Clown, appeared in 2015. In addition to writing fiction, de Gee also teaches writing and produces audiobooks.


Recent title – English material

De winters (The Winters), 2022

‘In crystal clear prose, Annemarie de Gee unfolds the drama of a man whose maddening passivity conceals a world full of desires.’ – Trouw

‘Annemarie de Gee sketches the life of Reik Zwart in an effortless but highly accurate style. Her images are often quite strong, ensuring that the novel continues to resonate long after the book is read.’ – Athenaeum bookstore