Annemarie de Gee / Annemarie de Gee – The Winters

Annemarie de Gee – The Winters

Annemarie de Gee – The Winters

About the book

A series of coincidences shapes the life of Reik Zwart, a carpenter’s son from the Dutch province of Gelderland. With years passing by, Zwart takes life as it comes, without any hopes or expectations. And especially, without a plan.

But a life without a plan is not acceptable. Zwart finds it challenging to figure out who he really is, especially when his nearest and dearest systematically project their desires and frustrations on him. But does that really matter? Zwart is a classical antihero, an everyman who does not pursue or neglect anything but is simply alive.

The Winters is a moving story about the grandeur of an empty existence, the illusion of a malleable life, and the impossibility of following your own path when surrounded by others.

‘He was hoping for snow. Absurd amounts of snow, which would make the roads impassable. A winter from bygone days, with snow falling in ferocious horizontal gusts, hailstones pelting across the land and hammering the roofs. Children would see their footprints in the snow, large and small footprints, a trail that would disappear by morning.’

Press on The Winters:

‘In crystal clear prose, Annemarie de Gee unfolds the drama of a man whose maddening passivity conceals a world full of desires.’ – Trouw

‘Annemarie de Gee sketches the life of Reik Zwart in an effortless but highly accurate style. Her images are often quite strong, ensuring that the novel continues to resonate long after the book is read.’ – Athenaeum bookstore


ANNEMARIE DE GEE (b. 1987) debuted with her short-story collection Chamber People, which was acclaimed by Trouw as one of the best debuts of 2012. Her first novel, The Kiss of a Clown, appeared in 2015. In addition to writing fiction, de Gee also teaches writing and produces audiobooks.

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Additional book information

  • Novel
  • ISBN 9789400408951
  • Number of pages: 304
  • World rights: Thomas Rap
  • Price: €23,99