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Kasper van Beek

Kasper van Beek

(c) Tessa Posthuma de Boer

Kasper van Beek (b. 1985) is a film and television producer. He is the cofounder of two production companies, through which he produces a wide range of national and international projects. He lives and works in Amsterdam. Van Beek made his debut as a writer with the enthusiastically received thriller Recollection (Vogelvrij), which was shortlisted for the Golden Noose (Gouden Strop) and the Shadow Prize (Schaduwprijs) and also translated into German (Goldmann).


Recent title – English material available:

De honger (The Hunger), 2020

Vogelvrij (Recollection), 2018


The silence descends over the forest again, and the hunter looks at his dog, which stares back inquisitively. He begins to inch towards the figure, step by watchful step, still with his rifle at the ready. When he approaches he sees two legs sticking up motionlessly. Close by, dark blue shows through the white, and with a pounding heart he starts brushing away the snow. Slowly, a jacket appears and it’s only now that the hunter realises that lying on the ground in front of him is a man in a suit. Without a winter coat, without a hat, without moon boots. Surprised, he scratches his beard, but then he sees the red stain spreading in the snow. Two stains in fact. Not only around the man’s head, but also around his shoulder blood is pooling. As the hunter desperately scans his surroundings, he thinks to himself, I only fired one shot, didn’t I?

Press on Recollection:

‘Van Beek has written an excellent debut in which he couples an intriguing plot full of unexpected twists with a surprising conclusion (…) Bravo!’ **** – VRIJ NEDERLANDS DETECTIVE & THRILLERGIDS

‘What a brilliant debut. A thrilling rollercoaster ride that thunders along splendid twists and turns towards its intriguing finish. Riveting to the very last page.’ – NOORDHOLLANDS DAGBLAD

‘A formidable debut.’ – DE TELEGRAAF