Kasper van Beek / Kasper van Beek – The Hunger

Kasper van Beek – The Hunger

Kasper van Beek – The Hunger

About the book

Liam Sandberg, his wife Evi and their daughter Yana return home to Amsterdam after a weekend away. On the coffee table lies an unfamiliar TV remote with a yellow post-it attached. Written on the paper is the word ‘PLAY’. When Liam clicks on the remote, their living room appears on the television, filmed from above. Evi walks through the image wearing a bathrobe. The image then divides into six independent streams. Each image displays a different part of the house, and Liam and Yana are also filmed. The top right corner shows a date and time, and when Liam fast forwards, the days fly past.

The next day the police finds seventeen hidden cameras in Liam Sandberg’s house. Detective Isabella Neri doesn’t have a clue about what is going on. Who installed the cameras? And why did someone want to film the Sandberg family every minute of every day?

On Recollection:

‘Van Beek has written an excellent debut in which he couples an intriguing plot full of unexpected twists with a surprising conclusion (…) Bravo!’ **** – VRIJ NEDERLANDS DETECTIVE & THRILLERGIDS

‘What a brilliant debut. A thrilling rollercoaster ride that thunders along splendid twists and turns towards its intriguing finish. Riveting to the very last page.’ – NOORDHOLLANDS DAGBLAD

‘A formidable debut.’ – DE TELEGRAAF

Kasper van Beek (b. 1985) is a film and television producer. He is the cofounder of two production companies, through which he produces a wide range of national and international projects. He lives and works in Amsterdam. Van Beek made his debut as a writer with the enthusiastically received thriller Recollection (Vogelvrij), which was shortlisted for the Golden Noose (Gouden Strop) and the Shadow Prize (Schaduwprijs) and also translated into German (Goldmann).

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Additional book information

  • Thriller
  • ISBN 9789403188003
  • Number of pages: 288
  • World rights: Cargo
  • Price: €19,99