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Paul Glaser

Paul Glaser

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Paul Glaser (b. 1947) has held management positions in a number of educational and healthcare institutions. On discovering his family’s wartime secret, he decided to write a book about it. The translation rights have been sold in many countries.



Recent title – English material

Dansen met de vijand (Dancing with the Enemy), 2016

Press on Dancing with the Enemy:

Rosie was unconventional, exuberant and ever optimistic, and her spirit comes through in these pages. – JEWISH WOMAN MAGAZINE

Rosie Glaser led one of the most extraordinary lives of the twentieth century. What is undeniable is Rosie’s fearless strength in facing her fate and her refusal to become a victim. She refers little to the brutality she encountered, but frequently mentions the little kindnesses extended by the Germans. The will to survive is powerful indeed. – THE WASHINGTON TIMES

A readable, personable study and a scathing indictment of Dutch passivity in the face of occupation. – KIRKUS REVIEWS


  • Dansen met de vijand (Dancing with the Enemy), 2016